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CBN, PAPUA, – After the action taken by the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Operations Command (Koops TNI) Habema against the brutal actions of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) in the Homeyo District, which at that time caused innocent civilian victim and made the community afraid, and many people fled for refuge, finally the community gradually returned to their hometown.

Furthermore, after the evacuation ended on 18 May 2024, a safe and conducive situation has gradually emerged in the Homeyo District, Intan Jaya Regency. Local residents have returned to normal activities with security guarded by the Indonesian Joint Security Forces (Apkam).

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img 20240612 wa0171

Included in the Apkam are TNI Soldiers in the Territorial Task Force (Satgaster) of the Intan Jaya Preparatory Kodim, which is under the Koops Habema.

Accompanied by several TNI Officers and some employees and figures of the Homeyo District, Pangkogabwilhan III had the opportunity to conduct inclusive Social Communication with all Homeyo figures which took place at the GKI Pogapa Church. Apart from that, Pangkogabwilhan III also took the time to hold Rosita (Buy up Farming Products) by buying up all farming products of the Pogapa Village residents. The Rosita’s results were then taken to Timika to improve agricultural commodities and the economy of the Homeyo community.

Apart from that, Pangkogabwilhan III also carried out Social Service (Baksos) by distributing basic food items, including rice, sugar, noodles, cooking oil and other items. On this occasion, Pangkogabwilhan III also had the opportunity to hand over Power System directly to the Homeyo community in the form of assistance for lighting the GKI Pogapa Church, including solar cells, batteries and electric lights.

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img 20240612 wa0169

After receiving all the aids, the Homeyo community, represented by Homeyo District officials and figures, expressed their enthusiasm and thanks to Pangkogabwilhan III by simultaneously saying, “Thank you, Habema is successful forces.”

“The safe situation of Homeyo District has given residents enthusiasm to carry out their daily activities to support the Republic of Indonesia Government’s Program for Accelerating Development in the Papua region,” said the Pangkogabwilhan III, Lt. Gen. TNI Richard T.H. Tampubolon, after the visit.


Autentikasi: Penerangan KOOPS HABEMA, Letkol Arh Yogi Nugroho

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