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CBN, PAPUA, – The Task Forces of the Infantry Battalion 6 Marines, part of the Indonesian Armed Forces Operational Command (Koops TNI) Habema, is actively carrying out the mobile security at the border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, especially in the Yahukimo Regency area, Papua Pegunungan Province.

On Thursday, 27 June 2024, in conducting the regional security duties, the Task Forces took the time to carry out Health Services and Social Services program for residents in the Kokamu Village, Dekai District.

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img 20240628 wa0024

The service program which was held on Thursday morning was an implementation of the direction from the Task Forces Commander, Lt. Col. Rismanto Manurung. Creativity and initiative to overcome the difficulties of the people in the assigned area are positive things that need to be done when carrying out the main tasks of conducting regional security. The effort is the essence of Lt. Col. Manurung’s emphasis on the Soldiers. Through this message, the Purple Beret Soldiers in the Dekai area took advantage of their patrol time by visiting residents who were holding a “Bakar Batu” (Stone Burning) Event at the Kokamu Nazarene Church. The Stone Burning event was held to commemorate the founding of this church in the Kokamu Village.

While still prioritizing the security aspect, the Task Forces Patrol Team asked for permission to join the even to the Senior Community Figure, in the name of Mr. Matthew Tabuni. Furthermore, the Medical Team which joined the patrol offered the residents to have their own health checked. Like the saying “Pucuk Dicinta Ulampun Tiba” (Such things bring grist to his mill), it turns out that many residents are enthusiastic about having their health checked and served.

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img 20240628 wa0025

Responding to the enthusiasm of the residents, the Task Forces Health Team swiftly provided health services, starting with checks and then providing light treatment to the Kokamu residents who needed it. On that occasion, the Soldiers also took the time to carry out a Social Service by providing free rice and milk to the residents who gathered at the event. Mama Angel Tabuni, representing the residents, expressed her happiness towards the end of the event by saying, “Thank you, Bapak Tentara (Mr Army Soldiers). God bless you all.”

“The initiative of the Soldiers of the 6 Marine Task Forces to provide Health Services and Social Services in Kokamu Village is a form of TNI concern in supporting efforts to accelerate development in the Papua region,” said the Habema Commanding General, Brigadier General Lucky Avianto, upon receiving the program report.


Autentikasi: Dansatgas Media KOOPS HABEMA, Letkol Arh Yogi Nugroho

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