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CBN, PAPUA, – The Task Forces of the Raider Infantry Battalion 323/Buaya Putih Kostrad, one of the military units under the command of the Indonesian Armed Forces Operational Command (Koops TNI) Habema, is currently carrying out the mobile security at the border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, especially in the Puncak Regency area, Papua Tengah Province. On Friday, 28 June 2024, the 323 Task Forces Patrol Team carried out routine security patrols in the Gome District area, specifically Wako Village. During the patrol, the Team had the opportunity to distribute free plant seeds to the Wako farmers who were starting to plant crops on their land.

img 20240628 wa0030
img 20240628 wa0030

The Patrol Team was coming from the Preparatory Kodim Post and was led directly by the Post Commander in the name of First Lieutenant Anggun. While still prioritizing security factors, 1LT Anggun, accompanied by several Soldiers, approached the farmers and a Social Communication interaction occurred between the two parties. The farmers were happy to welcome the Soldiers on their agricultural land.

Mr Petrus Wakerkwa, one of the farmers, told 1LT Anggun that he and the farmers were clearing land to grow vegetables. Luckily, the Patrol Team at that time was carrying several packs of vegetable seeds in their backpacks. Swiftly, 1LT Anggun handed over the seeds to the farmers and invited several Soldiers to help hoe the land that would be used as farming land. Before leaving the location, Mr. Wakerkwa expressed his joy to 1LT Anggun, by saying “Thank you for the help of the seeds, Pak Komandan (Mr. Commander). God bless the TNI.”

After receiving the report, the Habema Commanding General, Brigadier General Lucky Avianto, said, “The initiative of the 323 Task Forces to help plant seeds to the farmers in the Wako Village, Gome District, is a form of the TNI’s role in supporting efforts to accelerate development in the Papua region.”


Autentikasi: Dansatgas Media KOOPS HABEMA, Letkol Arh Yogi Nugroho

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